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Services Sector Overview

Hi, my name is Charlotte and welcome to my site API, all about the services industry in the U.K

There is no doubt since the “Maggie Revolution” which started in 1979, the servcies sector has become more and more important for the United Kingdom economy.

Defying The Doom Merchants

Even the the third quarter of 2016 defied all of the doom and gloom merchants with the sector showing a 0.7% growth rate. But over the last 35 years the rise and rise of the servcies sector has been nothing short of spectacular.

The first step was major deregulation. I remember being in at the start of the recruitment boom in the mid 1980’s. Yes, it was a bit of a bun fight, but the growth was stunning as recruitment companies went from nowhere to £30 million turnover in just a few months.

U.K’s Major Sector

Figures from 2015 show the services sector in the U.K dwarfing construction, manufacturing (which has been in the doldrums pretty much since Maggie changed tack) and agriculture (and of course mining). It dominates the U.K economy. Now that figure does include software, which could be argued to be a sort of manufacturing and is a sector I think should now be singled out on its own. The U.K is a major hub for technology and innovation and I think that should be recognised and identified separatekly as it is also a vital sector for U.K plc these days.

Coming Home

And, it’s interesting that we are now seeing many call centres come back to the U.K. I think comopanies such as BT faced such a back lash in outsourcing to places like India, that when costs out there started to rise (as they inevitably would), they came back home, in droves from what I can make out. I do think this is better for customer service to be fair, but I also think service centre telephone menu systems should be far easier to navigate through.

A quick “heads up” though, often hitting the * button at the first menu gets you straight throuigh to an operator…you dind’t hear that here though 🙂

Anything that helps in this direction is good by me after i spent 10 minute sjust getting through the menu at Barclays…it was one of their operatives that told me – fair play to him.

Anyway, I digress.

Vital For G.B Plc

So, there is no doubt that the services sector is vital to Great Britain. And, on this site, it is my aim to bring you the latest news from the services sector. I’d like to try and focus on good news stories. Examples of successful businesses, new techniques and new service offerings. Also news from specific markets and deeper niches within markets.

I’ll be delving into digital marketing and the weay technology is driving the services sector and I hope you will find my research and inisghts useful.

And, finally, if you have a story you think fits the bill as outlined here, then please feel free to get in touch and let me know your story. It it fits, I’ll publish it.

Many thanks

Charlotte Carr