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How Much Does Bad Data Cost Your Business?

I remember back in the day when I first started in recruitment and the problems bad data caused then.

It was the late 80’s and database management systems were pretty much in their infancy. The company I worked had a proprietary system written by the owner. Indeed, some of the functionality was quite advanced for the time…including and internal messaging system.

However, the one problem we had was keeping the data clean!

Who is Responsible?

It’s an interesting question to ask…who is responsible for a company’s data? Back in those dark days each Consultant was responsible for his or her own data (database). However this led to a whole host of data integrity problems.

Unscrupulous Consultants used to deliberately add duplicate records to try and snatch prime clients. Recruitment was a tough game and the threat often came from within your own company. This was the height of Yuppiedom and money was King. Everyoen in r recruitment did all they could to maximise their income.

Client Experience

Of course, this meant the client experience was often not so good with multiple people from the same company calling to try and get business. It’s no wonder Recruitment did not have the best of reputations in those days.

And many databases, even now, in 2022, have historic problems from poor practice in the past.

Problems can include duplicate records, duplicate contacts, incomplete addresses, wrong phone numbers, wrong contacts at the wrong address…the list is almost endless.

Help is At Hand

Thanksfully there are many companies nowadays who are able to provide a whoile host of services that can totally cleanse your data.

Using companies such as Marketing Data Fitness to ensure your marketing data is totally fit for purpose can provide huge increases in ROI.

Your sales team will save huge amounts of time and the client experience will be better for a start. They have a data clean up automated robot (called Dave). You simply send these Guys your data, they plug it in to Dave and he whirls away in the background de-duplicating, cleaning, munging, gap-filling and doing a complete data health check.

So, if your data is dirty and is costing you time and money, and getting your sales team totally frustrated, give them a shout.

They make sure data is clean on all the latest platforms like Salesforce, Dynamics, Hub Spot and SAP (for example). They can also port your data and augment it if required. And, as it’s automated it’s extremely cost effective – it’s got to be worth it!