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eCommerce Is Changing

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It’s certainly true that the eCommerce landscape is changing rapidly as 2020 draws to a close. The move away from the high street to online shopping has been massively accelerated by the current COVID pandemic.

2020 has seen the total wealth of Jeff Bezos increase massively and he is now believed to be worth over $200 billion (source Business Insider). Of course, rumours abound that he has marginalised all the small businesses on FBA, and that may be true, but his success cannot be denied.

Why Is Amazon So Successful?

Well, part of it is the user journey is so simple. I was always taught K.I.S.S – keep it simple stupid.

Amazon’s search engine is super advanced and is brilliant at putting related items in front of you. I have used the feature many times to find new bands to listen to. I like music in quite a deep niche and Amazon has helped me find some absolute gems. Because of that I always buy my music on Amazon because I know two things.

Firstly, it’s easy and payment one click simple, and…

Secondly, I might well find some great new music to listen to.

They also have an excellent membership model. What? A membership model?

Yes, it’s called Prime and people pay for the privilege of being a member!

It’s true, they do provide a lot of very good content, although they also charge for plenty of it as well. But, the idea is it breeds and promotes brand loyalty.

If you talk to any Digital Marketer or Growth Hacker, they will tell you brand loyalty is the holy grail and the absolute best way to increase eCommerce sales through clean data.

The Best Make It Easy

If you look at the most successful sites on the Internet, they are all simple for the user. The user journey is simple and succinct, the user gets what they want quickly and easily. This is the key to increasing online sales.

Another super successful site is Google, it does one thing and does it very well indeed. And, because so many people use Google as their source of information Google can consequently charge large amounts of money for advertising space and real estate on it’s platform.

So, the message is clear, keep it simple, give the customer an easy journey through your website enabling them to get what they want quickly and efficiently.

Oh, and of course, you also need the best products! But that’s a whole different story, for another day.

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