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Recent advances in technology (wed’re talking the last fifteen years here), have allowed an explosion in eCommerce to happen. With online payment systems becoming more secure and consumer confidence growing online sales have skyrocketed into the billions.

We are also seeing the development of far more sophisticated monitoring and recording systems which in turn has resulted in huge advances in the effectiveness of digital marketing aimed at the consumer. This has also resulted in job functions becoming far more specialised as we now see a massive increase in the demand for specialists such as growth hackers, search engine marketing and online customer acquisition.

The customer online journey remains a key facet as well and again, tracking, monitoring and custom marketing to consumers all become more sophisticated and targeted by the say.

It’s a very interesting workld to move in and today I am talking to Doug Bates of Digital Marketing recruitment specialist Intelligent People. Intelligent People were formed in 2002 when Doug and co-owner and co-director Chris Mason broke away from a corporate recruiter to form the new company.

Before we talk about the market, I just wanted to ask Doug why he chose St Albans as the base for IP when so much of the activity goes on in London.

“Yes, interesting question”, he smiles, “it’s simple really. Chris and I both live in St Albans and we were finding the commute left us no qwuyality of life. So part of the remit of Intelligent People was that it should be more of a lifestyle business. We wanted that for ourselves so it’s something we also offer to our consultanst as well. It;s easy enough to egt up to Town for meetings if we need to, but it just means we don;t havce to waste three hours every day doing it. I get to see the wife and the dogs more often, that has to be good doesn’t it?”

I won’t argue as having a series of websites offers me the same quality of life.

So, let’s talk Digital and Online marketing. What do you see as the biggets trends on the staffing side of the market at the moment?

“One of the big ones you have already mentioned”, he says, “this increasing specialism in job functions is really gaining pace. For example, even two or three years ago, executive search in the digital markets was  rare. Now it is one of our biggest growth areas. I was reading the Balderton Capital report on the movement of labour across Europe and this is one of the highlight of the report”.

“We are also seeing an icreasing level of complexity in the vacancies we are recruiting for as the tools and techniques become more advanced. Take a look at the way Google works now compared to even five years ago. They now have Rankbrain (artificial intelligence) as part of the algorithm and it now updates live as opposed to by updates every three or six months. By the very nature of these changes, SEOs have had to adapt. The increasing sophistication of the algorithm means the search engine marketing jobs people simply must keep pace…or become obsolete”.

“But, these advances means changes in the skillset as well. Not only that we are seeing a huge move towards subscription servcies online, the residual income model, the holy grail for most companies. Sign up once, set and forget and the money continues to flow in”, he smiles at the thought, “we are seeing a lot of “tech” start ups in this area, and these Guys are extremely well funded, so they deamnd the best talent. They employ advanced systems from the start and are very hot in areas such as Product Management Jobs, Channel Strategy Jobs and  Analytics”.

What sort of products are they delivering.

“A lot of these new start ups are for app based for the shared economy”, he says “and to be honest, they are finding talent acquisition difficult. Yes they offer ownership as an incentive, but they do find it difficuylt to compete with the big eCommerce players like Amazon, for example on salaries and packages”.

“Again, the Balterton Capital report highlights the dearth of talent. Howerver, this is supplemented by the movement of labour and no matter what anti-Bexiteers might say, this report clearly shows London is a major hub for this sort of technological business. I believe that will continue regardless of Brexit”.

A positive note to end on Doug?

“I do get more than a little agitated by people constantly talking U.K Plc down, we have a great economy and it will flourish, becausde we have the skills and the technological base in this country”.

Thanks Doug, you can find Intelligent People Digital Recruitment by clicking the link.